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But many people online are telling me other things and saying that I am brainwashed and that actually more white women like Asian men and barely any Asian women like white men. Do you people believe this also on here? Here are their direct quotes from these people that were saying this stuff to me. We still don't put such phenomena as white women craving after Chinese men because in this context, they have a much larger pool of local men to choose from.

And an experiment was conducted in which 2 women were paired up, both women first with a white man who works in the financial institution and then with another Asian man. After the dates, both women were asked their preferences of which man would they prefer to be with. Both women unanimously chose the Asian man to be their choice. The British man was above average looking and he said that he had been in Singapore for 9 months and had not had any dates. Other expatriates were interviewed and for those who managed to marry local girls, one said that it took him 9 years to successfully get a local girl, while the other said that it took them years.

Such accusations by whites against local women are quite common. In Hong Kong, some white men went as far as to accuse Hong Kong women of being "rude and arrogant" but then went on some of them, at least to praise the Filipino women profusely because it is much easier to get those Filipino maids on their Sunday days off. Maybe I should still use the net but refrain from forums and question sites like "yahoo answers" or "girls ask guys". Because I notice that everyone says the most asinine stuff ever and they all agree with each other and all it really is trying to do it mess someones head up and distort their view of reality.

I think I should just trust what I see in reality and the statistics and figures and not look at a single other comment written by a person online. Here are the things online people have told me over the past month.


Asian women don't like white men, White women love Asian women. White men are the least desired men and white women even prefer black men. A male sex change vagina is identical to a real vagina. Women are smarter but just let men run things. Women can take more pain and bring life into the world and men are useless. We are all female inside the womb in the early phase. Being attracted to a woman's backside has links to homosexuality.

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Hehe. I have an Asian boyfriend and he's Chinese. He isn't too shy and I think he's manly (he would kill spiders for me xD and he opens doors. For example, in Europe where I used to live, lot of Asian men date Caucasian girls. It's very common to see an Asian guy with a French.

Virtually all women in China being with Asian men is evidence for all those women not liking white men. This is the basic crap. And no matter how I ask it no one on the internet ever agrees that any of those things are stupid. I am starting to think many on the net are either trolls or have no education or have IQ's under Last edited by zionosis; at Well I am a white man and let me tell you I've had sex with asians and I'm not even attracted to asians as a whole.


But for a hole, it's all good. White males are at the top of the racial dating totem pole due to the media, western influence, and colonization. So you someone of an edge compared to many other brahs with asian women.

Some will like you, others wont. Then you have to take into account how their families and friends are about interacial dating. Originally Posted by nick Originally Posted by zionosis. Wow some common sense? Haven't seen that on the internet for about a week now. Originally Posted by otakutrevan. Originally Posted by MajesticLion. Black men are hardly low in the dating demand though.

When white women go interracial they nearly always choose a black man so don't think otherwise. Asian woman don't seem to go for black men, but at the same time I have the feeling black men are more into white women anyway so it doesn't matter. I have a feeling that you just post on the internet a lot and you may not have friends that date or dated women yourself. They only care about themselves and have no sense of community. I've read studies about this with their attendance at universities.

Lots of colleges are having a hard time with alumnus events because the high Asian student acceptance. Asians come into the school, finish their studies, and leave the school with the knowledge and little else.

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They don't understand the importance of networking, and rarely provide anything back to the school they had attended. Because of the high Asian student population, alumnus events aren't getting the support they would normally. All they care is how to get to the next level successfully. People pick up on that selfish behavior. Probably the reason why a lot of white people can't stand Asians. Asian women don't likeep them.

Which means more asian girks for us westerners. Which leaves only the thirsty Indians to bang the white girls. Some Asian dudes give off the wrong vibe. I noticed some of the sites he logged on to, and a lot of them were asian supremacist sites like GoldSea and Fighting 44's.

I'm not exaggerating, every time we'd have a party the girls would run from him because he gave off a bad vibe. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the problem of half the Asian guys obsessing over this issue. Some girls can just sense bad intentions. I'd also Challenge you to showing how the Media makes Asian guys look worse than White guys.

When was the last time a white version of a movie came out like Harold and Kumar came out? In that movie, white guys were all scummy, racist, or gay and the white women were all sluts and available for the two asian stars. I haven't seen a film like that in 20 years, where the white dudes were cool and asian guys were total goofballs, and scumbags.

something I notice about interracial dating trends but just don't get

And what's with only claiming your Asian half? Isn't that disrespecting your white side? Who cares about race? It really just depends on the guy and the girl. The chemistry, you know? So I don't know why your having trouble. Well I bet your hot and sexy. You know I am an asian chick who is 19 years of age in college trying to pass the class. I knew that most asian guys go for latina and white which is perfectly fine. Also matter of fact I still love asian guy because they are hard working and so cute everytime I see them. Before I didn't realize why US are being so mean to us. I don't care what the media say because they have no life.

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The media didn't so make fun of just asian but celebrities, random people something they can pick and make rumors of. I hope this help. I don't find that true at all. But maybe because people are racists. I find it confusing too, Or maybe because people get the impression that asians are smart and snooty and personally. I'm asian and I'm pretty stupid Don't worry; all girls aren't like that, but it may seem like it depending on where you live.

A lot of Asian girls are timid and respectful to older people of guys because that's the way they were raised by their parents, especially if their hometown is in Asia. YOU are the one that needs to start up a conversation even though you're shy because they have it a bit harder then guys. To just sit there and wait for them to come to you is ultimately futile. I think that's the problem right there. And you can't say " Personally, I like Asian guys. Most of the ones I meet are very kind, self-sacrificing, and gentleman-like.

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I don't have a problem with the way they look, too - very charismatic and exotic. By the way, it's not just the Asian guys that have it bad. Guys in EVERY race have difficulties in that area - having to deal with stereotypes that the media falsely claim, racism, etc. Good luck to you and hope you get the girl! I find Asian guys attractive it's just the personality that matters.

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Patient would go along way especially for someone who is worth it. Jealousy of either you or him. For example, in Europe where I used to live, lot of Asian men date Caucasian girls. Usually black women are used to the whole swag player black guy act but white girls who grew up in a totally different culture can't get enough. They usually date within their race or maybe Hispanic. That user spoke half of the alphabet.

Why do some Asian girls not like Asian guys? Do Asian guys prefer white girls or Asian girls? Why do white guys love asian girls, but white girls hate asian guys? Do Asian guys like non Asian girls? Answer Questions If one parent is half black and half Latino and the other parent is fully black, what would the child be?