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11 reasons you should never date a Korean guy

The only downside to kimchee is the way its pungent, fishy smell permeates the entire house upon opening the fridge.

1. One word: Oma.

Well, it gets even better. It's alot of fun, but like anything it gets old. I think that covers just about every Korean soap opera out there. Do you have pics? Whenever we would go out clubbing together, boys would always hit on him first.

Having a Korean boyfriend means having a jar of kimchee at the ready to accompany any meal. Being spoiled is not always a bad thing. Thought about splitting dish duty? He has other ideas. Life goes back in time slightly when he expects you to be the domestic goddess of his dreams, not-so-quietly reminding you of how spoiled you really are…thanks to him. Every time we sit down to eat, an all-out feast ensues.

Watch Oma as she smears gochujang across her lettuce, piles on some white rice, spicy pork after dipping it in the oil, of course and a piece of kimchi, rolls it up and firmly shoves it into her mouth. Now, do the same. Get used to eating feasts almost any time you get together — from Korean barbeque to cold bowls of naeng myun on a hot day.

Your Korean boyfriend loves you. He pays the bills, and hell, he has even taken you to meet Oma. Even so, more and more you find yourself eating every meal on the floor, hiding money in the mattress, and eating rice at every meal. Korean guys love their soap operas. The thicker the plot, the better. Bonus points for plots that include family drama and love stories.

I think that covers just about every Korean soap opera out there. Korean guys can be a little bossy and controlling, but we see where that might come from Oma, perhaps? Koreans are expert no-bullshitting communicators, so be prepared and enter with a thick skin — or else. Koreans have super high expectations for themselves and for you. One girl even sent me pictures of her kpop idols through private messages and than was like 'oh I meant to send this to my friend who lives in a different city sorry oops'.

Asian women especially so. Honestly, I think I stood out more on my campus because there weren't many other good-looking Asian dudes around. Now in NYC, women still check me out on the streets, but I definitely don't stand out as much because the city in general has a lot more hot Asian guys around.

Can't comment on dating here yet because I literally just moved here aha. Below ave looking and short asian guy here. I get checked out every day but only from asian girls. Like turning head following me with a smile style of being checked out. I think its a mix of dressing very american not stylish just casual clean looking and having a lean but fit body not jacked, just I think people underestimate simple clean style.

Like a black slim fit button down and jeans at the mall will get me more looks than male fashion advice gear ever could. I'm in SoCal, most guys here do online game and thats their reference in terms of dating. I do real life daytime approaches and I'd say out of the 10 girls I've talked to this week 2 are solid dates for this weekend. Maybe 1 seems dtf right away, but we'll see.

Getting old my skills don't work as well, and I'm pretty sure I'm showing my age I'm 34 and I maybe look like mid-late 20s but younger 20yos still seem pretty on when I chat with them. I'm sure a good looking asian guy taller or buffer or just better face can clean up in real life here.

I meet a few once in awhile but they all have something holding them back. Seems like every other asian guy I'm running into can't just be a chill dude who can chat with girls like a normal flirty person. The other extreme is when yo'ure toooo chilled, and you realise that they're gone beacause they think you're not interested in them. Lurker and I won't be posting after this.

I'm 26, east asian look, in Boston, and good looking. Like chubby face and skinny fat. Dressed in random shirts and jeans. Did a buzzcut hair usually. I was ok looking, not ugly, but nothing special.

enter Eventually had a interest in improving my life. Joined a gym, got abs, got a nice jawline, styled my hair, got into skincare, obsessively followed men's fashion on instagram. Got great photos after improving myself. Before I got nothing except maybe 1 date a month online and it was usually a girl on the chubbier side. Now I get 3 dates a week off internet dating easily, probably could do more but I stop swiping after I get 3 due to time constraints. But usually only 1 ends in hookup or sex. Talking to other people, it sounds like my conversion rate sucks so I guess my game sucks.

For other countries, I lived in HK for a summer because I wanted to see what it's like to be the majority. My family isn't from HK, I just thought they'd speak english and I could survive. I had dates and hookups just fine. I haven't been back to Asia since becoming good looking. My opinion of all the commentary in this sub and my own experiences is that it's far far worse to be a average asian guy than a average white guy.

Average white guys seem to be able to have a ok sex life. Being a good looking asian guy isn't actually bad at all, I think a good looking asian guy does almost as well as a good looking white guy. That said, I'm sure it varies by city and things change over the years how it was 10 years ago vs now, now is definitely better.

My buddy in Miami told me it sucks there. I found that a big dick is great for fuck buddy retention because so many girls are like wtf you have a HUGE dick for a asian guy but not actually that great for sex because a decent amount of them actually complain to me that it hurts and are like Dude, what the fuck kind of mindset is that? Let's just say for a second that it's true - what is your goal saying dumb shit like that? Does it help you in anyway?

You don't think everyone in this sub already knows that the dating market is fucked up? You're just setting yourself up for failure with the "woe is me, this world will never be fair, so why even try" mentality. Even without saying it explicitly its pretty obvious that you just want an excuse to tell yourself that 'its okay' to not try.

I'm not even going to tell you the level of chan in this statement. Right now I am at maximum capacity in the amount of women I can have in my life. I cannot fit anymore girls into my schedule , without it negatively affecting other areas of my life which I will not allow at this point. Sat - 2 Dates with 2 new, different girls. Going out tonight to do some cold approach.

Yeah I know, this is sort of extreme. Writing it just feels surreal, I don't want to sustain this for too much longer. But guess what, it's my life.

GROWING up as a queer Asian person in Australia can be a unique and tiring ordeal.

IDC if I'm white, black, Australian aboriginal - unless there is a race out here that can add more hours into the day it is impossible for me to add more women into my life. So stop setting limiting beliefs in your own mind, it's such bullshit. Pause for a second here and excuse my ignorance, you have a GF? Am I missing something here? While I provided ratio statistics and the Tinder model experiment. Again, what's the point of saying something like this?

People can't change race, so I don't see how this line of thinking helps you. Seems to me you just want to make yourself feel okay by being a victim than and focus on what's not achievable 'lifes not fair' than look at realistically what you can achieve. And your statement is very one-dimensional. Let's say for a second that you're right, that still doesn't change the fact that I got to where I am today partially due to the fact that I am Asian, and the reason why I put in so much effort was because at one time I lacked any women in my life.

I was so motivated to change my life because of living in scarcity for so many years. To be honest, if i was white I probably would've been fine coping with life, settling down with some asian anna lu chick and have a medicore future at best. It's especially because I'm Asian, and not white, that I am able to have the results that I have today. Last girl i date was the daughter of a successful business man. I've had three seriously relationships. Ultimately little things drove us apart.

I'm a first generation Asian American so I'm in a strange spot. Not necessarily good looking either. Just confident and talkative when it counts. So, potentially good if I put in effort. One of the dating apps I used would actually tell you how you ranked against the competition.

I'm a pretty boring guy so I'm fortunate that the opposite gender considers me outwardly attractive at least. I had quite a few one-night stands and flings and many of the ladies I hooked up with were looking for the same thing. There was a time that I kept track of how many people I slept with but after awhile I stopped caring.

It became more about just being in the moment and having a good time. I'm now in a serious relationship of 3 years and counting. And unless I thought really hard about it I honestly can't remember more than half of the people dated. For me it's not bad, but it's not ideal. I guess I'm different and don't thoroughly enjoy the hookup scene as it's a lot of work to just end up ghosting on someone or get ghosted.

Why foreign women dont date chinese men? (Hong Kong)

I'd rather be in a long term thing for more stability or fwb, as I'm only 23 and still trying to live my life. But on the flip side I cant get tie myself down cuz there's too many choices out there. So I guess it's more a personality problem, but overall the dating life isn't as bad as what the media says it is for Asian guys. Sure I can see how the dating scene is at a disadvantage for Asian dudes, but I don't think it's as hopeless as people make it out to be. Lol you cant say the dating scene isnt that bad for asian dudes as someone in Taiwan its atleast times easier in Asian countries as compared to the States.

I'm just saying it's not completely hopeless that society tries to make Asians trying to date seem to be. For sure it'll be easier dating in Asia, it's just not too bad in the states if you got the game and work on your self. But are you in Taiwan right now or you're saying I'm from Taiwan? I'm slightly better than average Asian and I'd say I get asked out a couple times a month? My issue is really that I'm too old fashioned so not into the hook up thing - and I think because of my frame I have much better looking friends who do a lot worse and uglier shorter mates who absolutely kill it with birds So I think it's defo the attitude and standards you set.

Bruh go be a goddamn tv star. Just don't let the fame make you stop caring.

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Was very very Christian until my mid twenties. Then got into pickup and fucked my way through 30 girls over the span of about 6 years part time. Currently in a very happy relationship. If I were white, could it have been much easier, I could have hooked up with more? Go do something about it. I would say I'm either average or slightly above average I've heard girls say things anything ranging from "you're average af" to "you're the hottest guy in the office" in terms of looks east Asian, 25yrs. I can't complain about my dating life tbh tho a lot of it probably is due to having a couple conventionally positive signifiers [6'2", Ivy-League educated, 7-figure income, etc.

I think both are relatively easy to do, but depends on how you want to approach it. If you're looking to maximize numbers, then you need to understand what "type" dating archetype of person you can most consistently be. Not trying to be PUA or anything, but I've found that being strategic always helped. After understanding your "type" and how you can best pull it off, you then learn how to filter for girls that are attracted to that type, then you filter once again to focus on ones that you also find attractive. As an Asian dude, unless you're ridiculously good looking think actor or model , you do need to be a little strategic in your approach if you want to have a successful dating life Caveat: Apparently even if you are super good looking tho, it has its challenges--according to Kevin Kreider.

Ofc you can always think of counterfactuals e. Focus on what you currently have and maximize your potential by understanding how you can differentiate yourself with a niche. Thinking about dating as a function of your appearance undeniably a factor is a passive approach which won't really yield results assuming you aren't John Cho or Kevin Kreider or a member of BTS.

I guess the tl;dr of my point is be active dude instead of asking q's like this. Ermmm like many Asian men back in those days. I grew looking like a scrawny weird looking shy nerd. Now that I am all grown up western society seem to have a problem with good looking Asian men who are still single. I am not talking about looking like some feminine Kpop dude. Those guys are not good looking. I am talking about a proper western Asian look. Really sucked to be Asian back then and still sucks to be Asian male now.

Dating as an Asian Guy Sucks, But Here’s How I Cracked the Code

In terms of dates, well since the girls I have always craved have excluded men like myself for an entire generation, it usually translates to being awkward around them now that I have grown up. Actually grown up is not accurate as I am already in my late 30s. You had the lefties hating western Asian men but screwing men of other colour and on the right you had the alt right gold digging liberal b1tiches dating f0bs.

I'm similar to Quilavaa who posted below.


Good-looking Asian guy born and raised in NYC.