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I DID A THING: I Dated My Sorority Sister's Ex. Is That Wrong?

And if she does care, at least you know what her issues are about it, and what the potential consequences are.

If we separated amicably and are still on good terms and truly over each other, then maybe it's OK to date the sister although it's a good idea for the sister to discuss it with the ex. If not on good terms - especially a situation where it's best to completely cut each other out of our lives, then no. Even though your ex now lives in another state, keep in mind that dating her sister means that there's a good chance that you and your ex will see each other again someday, especially if the sisters are close with each other.

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  • 'It’s definitely weird because I see my ex sometimes at events.'.

She just wanted us to be friends because my ex-girlfriend doesn't talk to her much, and she is worried it was because of this. Also, she said that our schedules are so different. She might find a second job, and she lives an hour away from me.

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We still text each other, but there will not be a relationship between us. Honestly, I understand and respect her decision, and I think she did the right thing.

There's a weirdness factor at play when dating an ex's sibling

Sisters often have similar qualities and character traits since they have been brought up with the same parents or probably so. That means that if you broke up with the other one, this one probably has the same issues, but of course as they get older the influences of home life change.

I guess that you first dated the older one and now you fancy the younger one - that often happens but do you need our 'permission' to date her?

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I thought about that too that he might just wanna "keep it in the family" but she and I are as opposite as we can get. I forgot to mention that my sister just got engaged to a man that she has been with living with for the last year and dating for over 3 years. My first thought was to say no BCBecca88 - I see no problems with it then. If you looked alike that could be a little creepy If the age difference isn't a problem for you then go for it. Do you have other reservations that made you pose this question?

First of all, I am a huge pessimist and I guess I thought maybe the fact that James and I get along so well was only a fluke. I figured there must be a catch especially since this is a guy my sister had been attracted to at some point and she and I are nothing alike. I know I have been way overthinking this because I also wonder if I only like James because I had a minor crush on him when my sister was dating him and now I may just be trying to fufill some adolescent fantasy.

Ah, well just relax and have fun. Don't get too serious right away and then you'll have nothing to lose. My husband has 2 younger brothers, 6 and 7 years younger.

When my husband was 19 or so he bought a Sentra and modified it, it was one of the first few in the country with the engine swap that he did. The swap was really successful and the car became famous locally. Its years later now, that car has long since died a horrible death but both of his brothers own the same car, same year even.


The one brother has the exact same car and the other brother has the two door version. Neither one has done the same engine swap but both had spent a lot of money modifying their cars.

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Is it wrong to date your sister’s ex-boyfriend of 7 years? Is it weird to date the ex-boyfriend of my elder sister? Is it okay to date your friend’s ex-girlfriend (friend is not that close)?. On Reddit, people who have married or dated their ex's brother or sister have been sharing their stories. There are also a few anecdotes from.