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Original post by Stickman Was in one. It was more circumstance than anything else that brought us together. Originally Posted by kittylover14 Hey guys, I'm really curious to know if there are any South Asians here who have been or are in an interracial relationship. Last edited by indosthetic; at Only ever hooked up with non Asian girls.

Can I ask which country in South Asia you are from as well as the religion you practice? While I agree with you that it depends on the family and their values and beliefs, I have found certain correlation either with the religion or the gender of the South Asian person in the interracial relationship. In terms of religion, I found that Muslim South Asian people tend to hide the relationship from their parents unless, as you've stated, they want to get married.

I also found that South Asian women are expected to marry their partners if they are with them for a long time and they cannot cohabit with them if it does not lead to marriage some time in the future.

The fusion ceremony is what most South Asians in interracial relationships do since, I'm assuming, it does not offend the family of either person. Seeing as how you're not going to take this approach, how did you come to a decision regarding the type of ceremony you want to perform for your wedding?

Any South Asian brahs have had success in interracial dating?

I think that it could be that because you are half white and half South Asian, you haven't faced any serious challenges regarding the acceptance of your relationship but can the same be said about your parents? I didn't know that. I think that your question is a good one -- it's about race, yes, but it's not racist. Well, the rules are the rules, I guess. Originally Posted by Arcenal Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Mostly along the lines that no one outside her immediate family should know that I exist. Well, except in India.

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She goes to the University of Missouri and we met studying abroad. What advice would you have for a guy who may be interested in dating a Brown Girl? I never set out to date a brown person. At no point did I think to myself: And have fun, of course! What advice would you have for a Brown Girl in an interracial relationship? I can say, though, try to learn how to drive a manual transmission car.

It was more circumstance than anything else that brought us together. Sheela and Andrew show us that an interracial relationship can work and they are fun! And as a nice bonus, Sheela has shared her own advice on dating that you can read here. Why Dismantling Patriarchy is Good for Men. The Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Dating as a Brown Girl: Originally Posted by lnvictus. It's impossible to stand out when they automatically pigeonhole you.

Last edited by indosthetic; at I'm Korean, and have only dated white girls. I've never wanted to date asian or another race other than white for some reason.

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A Look at South Asian Interracial Relationships on American TV .. they break the barriers of what we assume happens when South Asians date or have sex. I'm a white man in the Bay Area and I have dated nine South Asian women here, a few born in the West but mostly not. I absolutely find them attractive and.

Originally Posted by dburgz. If you are aesthetic, race will not matter and you can get girls from any race.

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First comes aesthetics i. Last edited by Studi0sity; at Originally Posted by avvincente. In any case, I've met some good looking Indian bros here in Toronto. I rarely see any where I live, though. If you go out of your way to avoid then it is, I think.. How could I be racist if I'm korean? Some people just have preferences in certain races, and mine is caucasian women. Most people are a little racist.